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Silom Legal Partners

Silom Partners Labor Management Firm

Silom Partners Labor Management Firm provides professional consultancy and proxy services for a range of personnel and HR issues such as social insurance procedures, payroll calculations, grant applications, workplace procedures and regulations, wage and salary design, retirement allowances and legal compliance and other requirements. We will act as your specialist advisors and help you to grow your business.

1. HR consulting

Advice and assistance on a range of HR and personnel related issues

  • Personnel management
  • Organizational structure
  • Life insurance
  • Wages, salaries and company pensions
  • Employee training programs

2. Workplace procedures and regulations

Ensuring a safe and supportive workplace environment to protect your business

  • Workplace regulations
  • Code of conduct
  • Retirement payout regulations
  • Other internal procedures and regulations
  • Codification of working hours

3. Grants and subsidies

Assistance with assessing eligibility for grants and navigating complex application processes

  • Designated occupation promotion grant
  • Recruitment grant for small business
  • Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour grants and subsidies
  • Incentives to encourage small business to extend the retirement age of employees
  • Incentives for test employment schemes

4. Outsourcing

Outsourcing of routine tasks to reduce operational costs

  • Insurance procedures (social insurance and employee insurance)
  • Payroll
  • Workplace accident claims and settlement procedures and pension processing
  • Temping and job hunting agency permit applications and procedures

Workplace regulations

Clear and simple workplace regulations help to prevent workplace disputes.

 Recent years have seen a rising number of disputes between employees and senior management over issues such as unfair dismissal and wage levels, along with a commensurate increase in grievances being taken to the Labour Standards Inspection Office. In some cases these become protracted disputes that end up in court.

A well-formulated system of workplace rules and regulations prevents the majority of such disputes from arising in the first place, and also puts the company in a stronger position to argue its case in the event that a dispute does arise. Furthermore, it creates a more secure and orderly workplace environment that benefits employees and in turn the organization as a whole by providing greater motivation to achieve.

Managers who boast about how they trust their employees and don't have any problems, or how they have never had to deal with a workplace dispute, don't necessarily understand the importance of workplace regulations. There are risks associated with every workplace, no matter how harmonious it may seem on the surface.

  Silom Partners Labor Management Firm will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current workplace regulations and evaluate the key objectives of preventing workplace disputes, dealing with difficult or challenging individuals, providing a source of motivation and protecting the organization. We will also report on compliance with current legislation including recent amendments, and recommend changes and modifications where appropriate."