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About us

Japan is currently experiencing a significant period of reorientation in multiple respects, such as AI advances, the advent of SDGs, and new models of work and productivity. Yet small and medium businesses seem unwilling to embrace the transformational changes needed to survive and thrive in this era of change.

Major upheavals in the global economy pose many challenges but also create opportunities. Many small and medium businesses are concerned about their ability to remain competitive in the midst of a transformation in business management dynamics. It is important to develop new approaches to management strategies in order to retain a competitive edge in business.

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, Silom is a convenient one-stop shop providing professional advice and assistance in a range of fields with a direct impact on corporate activity. Instead of wasting time and money using separate advisers on issues such as legal, taxation, HR, property, inheritance, international trade and asset management, come to Silom for professional consultancy services in all of these areas and more.

The Silom Partners Group


Level 14, Shiroyama Trust Tower, 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6014Google map


  • Taxation and accounting: Silom Partners Tax Corporation
    Contact: Masahiro Nakajima or Ryosuke Annaka
  • HR: Silom Partners Labor Management Firm
    Contact: Labor and Social Security Attorney Hidenori Kumagaya
  • HR: Silom Partners Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation
    Contact: Saori Hashiba
  • Permits and Approvals: Silom Partners Administrative Scrivener Corporation
    Contact: Momoyo Kobayashi
  • Risk Management: Silom Consulting Firm
    Representative Director:Hidenori Kumagaya, Osamu Hara, Ryosuke Annaka
  • Outsourcing: Silom Partners Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director:Yuki Asano
  • System Design: Silom Partners System Integration Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director:Minako Houjyou

Hong Kong

Unit B&C 20F Full Win Com. Center 573 Nathan Road Yau Ma Tei Kowloon Hong Kong

  • Excellent Professional Partners Ltd.

Other territories

  • Global Business Solutions and Development Co.,Ltd.
    Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
  • CW Associates,CPAs
    Hawaii (United States)
    Hanoi(Vietnam) HoChiMinh(Vietnam)

President's message


Silom Partners Tax Corporation

Senior Partner and Licensed Tax Consultant Masahiro Nakajima

Silom Legal Partners International (SLPI) was launched in 2005 in Tokyo and Hong Kong based on two unique concepts:

1. Providing a single point of contact for access to taxation, legal, HR, asset management and many other professional services. Consolidating all these services under the one umbrella saves clients time and money and promotes a more holistic approach to complex issues.

2. Linking together local accounting firms and other service providers to create an international network that delivers services equivalent to the big international accounting firms at a fraction of the cost (Note: This does not imply that international accounting firms are over-charging).

SLPI boasts an extensive clientele who engage us to provide optimal solutions to a variety of complex and challenging issues. Corporate restructuring, inheritance procedures and overseas expansion planning in particular involve coordination of input from consultants and analysts from multiple fields of specialization. Our success demonstrates that there is a very real need in industry for the unique services that we provide.

These are turbulent times, and the vicissitudes of the global economy in particular pose complex challenges for business managers. At SLPI, we offer a range of professional, client-focused services to help you successfully navigate your way through the business world and generate value for clients, in line with our motto, ""Professionals you can trust.""

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September 2012

Senior Partner and Licensed Tax Consultant Masahiro Nakajima